At Newcastle Concreting our work is Built To Last. To ensure our clients are happy with our product, we work with local business partners to ensure from the product components through to the workmanship, clients receive the highest quality outcome.  


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“I have used Jason on multiple projects, from house extensions to driveway and everything in between. He's reliable and sticks to my time lines”

Damien Cannon, Owner Builder

“I have known Jason for approximately 10 years now. We have built a solid business relationship, I know I can call from anywhere in Australia while away for work and we can organise any project, he never let's me down.”

Shaun McCloy,

Miner/Owner Builder

“Jason and I have worked alongside each other for over 17 years. I look forward to working with him because he works well with other tradies and is determined to get the job

finished on time.”

Tim Thornton, Excavator